An Introduction to Semi-Charmed City


Hi there, gentle reader.  My name is Leila!  I’m the creator of Semi-Charmed City.  Thanks for stopping by!

I started Semi-Charmed City for one reason: I needed a new writing project. I had been experiencing a fair amount of writer’s block for several months, and I was struggling to draw inspiration for pieces.  Each time I would sit down to write, I would stare blankly at the page or the screen, write out a sentence, mull it over for a minute or five, and then give up and direct my attention towards something else.  I had this feeling that I needed to express myself, but the words weren’t exactly flowing out of me.

In searching high and low for much needed inspiration, I looked back on some of my previous writings to try and understand why some of them occurred so naturally, even effortlessly.  After spending time with these pieces, it occurred to me that they had one thing in common: they were all about my experiences in Baltimore.

Baltimore, the city that took me in when I needed refuge.  Baltimore, the city that helped me learn how to stand on my own two week.  America’s Greatest City, as proclaimed on every park bench from Butcher’s Hill to Remington, has served as a backdrop to all of my greatest memories in the last year.

In short, Semi-Charmed City is a labor of love and an on-going expression of gratitude to the place I now call home.  Heartbreaks and triumphs and embarrassments and accomplishments abound!

Thanks for reading.  Here we go!

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